First Wilshire Celebrates 40 Years

First Wilshire is not prone to celebrating success and milestones, and in fact we are rather superstitious about it, but we’re proud to note that 2017 marks First Wilshire’s 40 year anniversary serving our clients. We’ve been “Detecting Value Since 1977,” and surviving this many years is an accomplishment in itself, but doing so with solid performance and by positively contributing to the lives of our clients and employees is our greatest pride.

Milestones are a time to reflect on our history, the good and bad, and apply these hard‐earned lessons to improving ourselves. Our decades of experience are a great advantage, but we must always improve while remaining studious and passionately curious. Clients may notice improvements during 2017, such as a new website, which better reflects our history and culture, including dozens of interesting photos from company visits over the years, taken directly by our staff (not stock photos from the internet). We further plan to bolster our staff, communicate more with you, and add new technology resources, in order to allow us to do what we do best, which is to focus on hard core, hands‐on, fundamental research.

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